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Terms of supply & Warranty terms

Business conditions of supply

  1. Terms of Warranty: All our products have a warranty theory of 12/24 months from the date of ‘purchase limited to physical defects and dimensional and electrical operation, subject to customary exceptions for normal speech guarantees normally applied by all manufacturers of components electric, such as poor preservation of the product in stock and / or the-shelf components or improper use by the end user of the product, as well as structural changes and or interventions, even partial product by the customer or his installer site not specifically authorized by our companies Three “C” Ltd. and Everwatt Srl.
  2. Package: ns. care, taking account of our experience, is chosen from time to time and / or recommended to the customer the most suitable packaging to preserve the goods during transport to destination. It can be packed in cardboard boxes (packing free) or in wooden boxes on the bottom pallet (to be billed at cost).
  3. Shipping: Shipping costs will be always at your intended load, unless otherwise indicated and / or agreements with the customer in defining the order. Any damage during transport are exempt from ns. responsibility.


Terms of Sale

  1. Orders: We intend to regularly accepted only all orders that are confirmed by the issuance of our Order Confirmation.
  2. Delivery & Shipping: All products being shipped, unless otherwise indicated, are considered to be “ex works” and the transportation is entirely at your own risk buyer.
  3. Prices: Unless otherwise specified, all prices in our documents (offer, order confirmation, invoice and proforma invoice) do not include the cost of shipping, any customs duties applied locally, the cost of insurance on the value of the goods carried and any taxes applied locally to the client. Therefore, any additional costs will be paid entirely by the buyer does not explicitly agreed with the customer.
  4. Payment Terms: Unless otherwise specified, the goods covered by the order must always be paid in advance for the corresponding value at the time of shipping goods ex-factory ready for collection by the carrier. In case of delay in payment, bank interest payments will be applied at full charge.
  5. Complaints: Any complaint or dispute concerning the delivered goods will be accepted only if it is duly notified to our companies Three “C” Ltd. or Everwatt S.r.l. No NO LATER THAN 8 days from the date of receipt. In case of returned goods, the same should be returned to our factory address.
  6. Tolerances on quantities delivered: Every order is processed on the quantities produced with tolerances of + / – 10%.
  7. Disputes: Any dispute will be governed by the Competent Court of Milan, Italy.