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Microtubular heaters


The microtubular sheathed resistors are innovative devices, able to operate in the most difficult environmental conditions.
This result was achieved during many years of research and testing aimed at obtaining the best result with the minimum dimension, with the purpose to satisfy many different applications.
There are countless advantages in using a high characteristics heat exchanger, such as: long durability, remarkable energy saving and possibility to attain temperatures of 700°C in continuous duty. The microtubular resistors main characteristic is certainly the possibility to be equipped, at their interior, with a thermocouple sensor (of iron-constant type in the standard version), thus optimizing the operating temperatures detection.

Some uses suggested

Particularly indicated for uses involving cylindrical surfaces, thanks to its renowned malleability, it is suitable to create nozzles heaters for plastic materials injection machines. Its symmetry and possibility to pack multiple coils inside a limited space, allow to obtain extremely high surface loads.

Another effective use field consists in the moulds production for plastic materials cutting and welding, using the single linear element and the same element folded in different shapes, with or without blade application; in this field, the  reduced dimensions and a sensor introduced in its interior, make it particularly useful, especially in small moulds case.

This heater extreme resistance against repeated thermal and mechanical shocks makes it efficient in other countless use fields, among them:

In addition to the above mentioned, the microtubular heaters can be used in all the fields where a reliable and compact heater is needed.


The microtubular entire production cycle is subject to the strictest dimensional checks and electric tests in compliance with the standards set forth by our own ISO 9001:2015 certified Corporate Quality System, and in full compliance with the CEI/EN requirements in force.

External sheath temperature

The surface temperature reached by the external sheath of a MICROTUBULAR heater, at a specific surface load, in standard conditions.


When there are no particularly difficult heating needs and prompt delivery times are required, we have in stock standard microtubular heaters at warehouse of various power, voltage, sheath diameter and finishing type.