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Thermostats and thermoregulatores


Available supplied, installed and wired to the edge of our wide range of electric heaters for various industrial purposes, in any application in air, gas or fluid immersion, or provided separately to our customers according to the specific needs of thermoregulation thermal processes data , we provide various temperature control devices and temperature control, often necessary to preserve the electric heater from overheating and premature damage.

These devices are divided into two main families:


Bimetal thermostat

All thermostats are available with various scales of temperature regulation and can be “automatic reset” or “cut-out.”

Of specific customer or, where alternatives need to control temperature, we can provide separately or included with the heater, thermometers, thermostats and other models with different temperature ranges.


The entire production cycle of temperature controllers and thermostats shall be subject to stricter controls dimensional and electrical tests in accordance with existing international standards IEC / EN, UL, TUV, DNV, etc. …

Thermostats and Temperature Standard Catalog

Our thermostats and temperature control devices are available in stock for immediate delivery in various types of standards in our stores, according to family (analog and digital thermometers, bimetal thermostats, thermostat bulb drive or capillary bulb thermostats), and adjustment scale standard voltage.