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Company profile Everwatt

Everwatt, founded in 1979, has available an exclusive warehouse of heating elements of various typology and size, for each civil and industrial application.
During the years, despite specializing in the construction of small and medium-small series of immersion electric heaters, it has progressively extended the products range offered in the heating sector, granting a complete service.

Everwatt, in fact, offers the following, wide range:. Immersion heaters, Air heaters and Air Duct resistors heaters; Cartridge heaters, Band heaters and Flat heaters, Microtubular immersion heaters, Silicone rubber heaters and Heating cables, Thermal regulation systems and Thermocouples, Single-pipe heaters for galvanic technology and an unlimited number of accessories and services among them pre- and after -sale assistance. The ready in stock availability of most of its products allows to remarkably reduce the delivery times in orders dispatching., and this renders Everwatt the main market reference point for all users in the thermoelectric sector.