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Our history


1963 – Born TRE “C”   Tre “C” S.r.l. was established as a fact strongly supported by its three founders who came from different job activities – the first one in the account office of a multinational U.S. company leader in sanitation sector, the second and third one in a historical domestic competitor company specialized in the thermoelectric sector – decided to start an independent company specializing in manufacturing electrical heating elements. It’s the beginning of the Sixties (March 1963), in the Italian economic boom period, when the new born factory Tre “C”, which takes its name from the three initial letters of its founders’ surnames, comes to life. Tre “C” s.d.f., that was its first business name, later transformed in the years immediately following his birth into Tre “C” S.n.c., stands out immediately, for its high know-how technology, excellent service, a team of highly qualified personnel and its strong customer orientation.

1963 – 1971  After an early embryonic stage of development and ramp Tre “C” does rapidly grow and becomes one of the main Italian players manufacturing “electric armored sheathed heaters“, a leading supplier of Italian companies leaders in production of machinery and equipment applications in major sectors of the national economy, including big customer names driving the economy of those years.

1972 Following several business decisions taken by its founders, behind the euphoria of the immediate post-war economic boom, born in the next decade as many as seven different companies engaged in manufacturing and marketing of components and accessories for electro-heating application at 360 degrees and small household appliances. Later on, between the mid-seventies and eighties, its founding members, in order to serve the interests of the most developed business realities, decide to stop most of these activities in order to focus their attention on the development and growth of their historic company Tre “C”.

1979 – Born EVERWATT – Everwatt born as a company designed to meet the needs of supply of highly standardized products for a shorter time, intended for civilian use and application of electro-industrial end; its business is the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of “Armored Sheathed Electric Heaters” standard made and based on customer specifications for any industrial application in small and medium-small lots and meet the growing demand for spare parts from their warehouse ready for immediate delivery.

1987 – TRE “C” Srl  – In its relentless rise, Tre “C” winning significant market shares on a national basis and becomes, over nearly 30 years, a national leader in the manufacture of electric heaters for industrial use. Hence the need for a change in its business name to Limited Liability Company.

Early ’90s Organization ISO-9002  The experience needs to take a more delineated form and organizational structure of an industrial company, creates Tre “C” basis for the decision to become a certified ISO-9002 organization.

1990 – EVERWATT Srl  Following what had been done some years before by her older sister Tre “C”, even Everwatt changes its business name to Limited Liability Company.

1994 – Certificazione “VDE Deutschland”  The Group continues its growth path with continuity, coming to occupy in the first half of the 90s, a production area of almost 3000 square meters and employs approximately 40 employees including employees and staff full time working. In 1994, Tre “C” srl, acquired the need to open its borders to foreign markets and, in particular to Germany, acquires the prestigious quality product certification “VDE” for heating applications in fluid and air.

1995-2000  Volume of the Consolidated Group is such that, in the second half of the ’90s, becoming one of the leading manufacturers of electric heaters for industrial use.

2002 – Organization certified ISO-9001:2000 (“Vision 2000″)   With a staff company, more mature, qualified and responsive to the needs of an increasingly demanding international clientele, also with a view to participate, directly and indirectly, to important tenders for public works in Italy and abroad, the leadership chose to take the inevitable transition to a business organization certified to ISO-9001: 2000, this certification is acquired in only eleven months of hard work, with great satisfaction of all .

2009 – ISO-9001: 2008 certified organization The company obtains ISO-9001: 2008 certified business organization certification.

2010 – Quality product certification UL-CSA   After a period of expensive tests and improvement in production processes, justified by the need to meet the growing demand from European and international markets, Tre “C” srl earns files among the first manufacturers of electrical resistance in the broader international scope, with a dedicated Export Department. In the third quarter of 2010, gets the ability to be able to mark its range extended mode of “Industrial Armored Electric Heaters” with the prestigious seal of quality American “UL / CSA” – (Underwriter Laboratories) for application in fluids, air and gas.

2011-2014 – Certification ATEX CE   Given the constantly growing demand for electric heaters suitable for hazardous atmosphere environments, the Group takes decisively the choice to fill the missing piece in the range of its products, integrating a broad family of electric heaters Eexd-e ATEX certified for Zone 21 and 22, intended for installation in hazardous areas for fluid , air and gas heating applications, in compliance with the ATEX 94/9 / EC .

2016 – Certification EAC  (Gost)  The growing expansion in the export of our product range to the Russian Confederation, push the Group to undertake the inevitable choice to acquire EAC (Gost) certificate on his range of heaters for use in air.

2018 – ISO-9001: 2015 certified organization  With an increasingly mature corporate staff and aware of the importance of acquiring more qualified organizational skills in line with the demands of our worldwide customers distributed located in Five Continents, the company management proudly conquers the transition to an ISO-9001: 2015 certified company organization, to everyone’s satisfaction.