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ATEX heating air batteries


The ATEX certified electric wiring heads are commonly used under limited pressure (less than 0.2 bar) and forced circulation.

They are made of heating elements (finned or non-finned) designed and designed to give rise to high performances and, at the same time, a high thermal exchange.

Temperature in Exit (of heat-treated air flow) and Surface Density (W / cm²), in addition to the type of fluid and the fluid velocity (air or gas) in meters per second (m / s) are the variables , together, determine the temperature of the elements installed on the battery board.

To ensure the suitability of these products to be installed in hazardous and explosive atmospheres, electrical wiring is housed and hermetically sealed inside a multiple enclosures of electrical wiring or tested for use in explosive atmospheres.

Explosion-proof ATEX electric batteries are commonly used under low-pressure (<0.2 bar) working conditions and forced circulation. The armored heating elements installed on board these special heaters are designed and positioned with a precise lay-out, so as to make the heat exchange optimal.

The skin temperature on the elements depends on the output temperature required by the specific application and the surface load (W / cm²) above, of course the type of fluid to be heated and its speed, measured in meters per second (m / s) or in kilograms per hour (Kg / h).

The head of the electrical wiring is the most stressed area of ​​the dangerous application to which these heaters are subjected. Each explosion-proof electric battery may have one or more certified ATEX headers and, therefore, suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

We are able to produce CE-marked ATEX (certified explosion-proof Eex-de, Zone 1 and 2 – II2G / D ATEX) explosion-proof electric batteries, fully compliant with recent CEI and CENELEC standards.

This type of electric heaters is made of high quality materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel AISI-304, AISI-321, AISI-316 and Incoloy800 (heating element tube) and FeZn galvanized steel or AISI-304 stainless steel / 316 (limited to frame structure for the containment of elements and protection head for IP65-IP66 electrical contacts) and power supply inputs for power stages and thermoregulators (NPT or GAS type).

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The entire production cycle of ATEX heating electric batteries is subjected to stricter controls by the control bodies, which carry out predefined time cycles, strict controls in full compliance with ATEX regulations. In addition, this type of product is carefully tested for insulation resistance, dielectric rigidity, ohmic value and leakage current in the context of an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company organization and in full compliance with CEI / EN (EN60079-0:2012, EN60079-0:2012/A11:2013, EN60079-1:2007, EN60079-31:2015-05, ATEX 2014/34/UE and, where required, PED2014/68/UE).


In designing this type of product, our technical office uses state-of-the-art computer programs to determine its dimensioning and thermodynamic performance calculators to optimize performance, taking into account the operating conditions of the battery itself.
Thanks to the constructive experience accumulated in 50 years of presence on the national and international market, in all major industrial sectors of the world economy, our technical and commercial office always provides the best technical and design solutions, customer specific application.
Already in the offer, we distinguish, compared to national and international competition, in providing all the technical details and results of thermodynamic calculation, which shows the correct size of the battery.


The realization of an armored electric battery for air heating, whether it is made of finned or smooth heating elements, requires the knowledge of some technical data essential to its design:

ATEX Temp. Class
‘T6′: 85°C | ‘T5′: 100°C | ‘T4′: 135°C | ‘T3′: 200°C | ‘T2′: 300 | ‘T1′: 450°C
Cold zone Lg. A B A B A B A B A B A B
300 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X T2 X
250 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X T2 X
200 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X  
150 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X      
100 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X      
0 mm T6 X          
Working Temp. 0°C 100°C 150°C 200°C 250°C 300°C
Legenda:A = Temp. ClassB = Ex-proof head Temp.-proof allowance (X)= Yes ()= Not  

Batteria elettrica riscaldante ATEX IP65EXECUTION TYPE

Each electric heating battery is equipped with a safety (where required by the customer) that limits the sheath temperature in case of overheating of the surface temperature of the heating elements, which prevents damage to the heater or the installation on which it is installed. Depending on the type of process required, our technical office recommends the most appropriate thermocontroller (control thermostat, safety thermostat, thermocouple J or K or PT100 thermocouple). In addition, it is also possible to equip the electric heating battery with SCR or power thyristor device to be connected to control panel and control systems.