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Bare wire radiant panels

Bare wire radiant panels


The bare wire radiant panels consist of bare wire heating units whose resistive coil is composed of one or more resistance wires, either straight or suitably shaped, and fixed to an insulating structure made of refractory material.

The resistive coil of the bare wire resistors can be arranged on one side only or on both sides, with the aid of metal supports whose function is to make the resistor structure more reinforced and compact.

This type of heaters is built exclusively with the use of top quality materials, which ensure the resistance wire a high estimated operating life (wire of FeCrAl material, NiCr and special alloys), especially under high thermal stress conditions due to continuous thermal expansions resulting from frequent intermittent ON/OFF cycles at high temperatures. Nevertheless, the ceramic or refractory materials used to support the resistive coils of these resistors too maintain the highest thermal insulation standards and are free from chemical reactions.

Typically, the bare wire radiant panels are coupled to ceramic or refractory supports of cylindrical or flat shape, in addition to fibre-based insulating materials, pads and refractory bricks crossed by channel sections suitable to house the resistive coils (muffle oven walls).

They can also be easily equipped with on-board ventilation systems, if expertly coupled to connectors and fixing systems, as well as being connected to efficient temperature regulation devices.

In the event of uses in which the working temperature reaches extremely high thresholds (max 1,000°C), we design and manufacture wire elements suitable to transmit the infrared radiation by natural convection (i.e. upwards), thus minimizing the lateral dispersions while maximizing the most efficient thermal yield.


  • low thermal inertia
  • compact dimensions
  • low weight compared to traditional heating units


Bare wire radiant panels are widely used in all major sectors, including:

  • Hot rooms
  • Radiation ovens for professional food-service
  • Muffle ovens
  • Drying ovens