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Ceramic resistors

Ceramic-Cordierite-Heater-Ø46-mm_230V-2200WMAIN CHARACTERISTICS

As a valid alternative to traditional electric heaters, air heating electric heaters of refractory ceramic, also known as ceramic thermal fields, are easily installed inside static air electric ovens to quickly reach particularly high working temperatures very close to 800°C.

The installation and replacement of the thermal field must necessarily be carried out horizontally inside the installation oven, possibly by using concave support saddles, so as to allow easy support to the refractory ceramic body.

Thanks to its technical characteristics and to the high quality of the materials used, this type of heaters can easily be used in various sectors, including the chemical and food sectors.


The ceramic air heater contains one or more bare wire resistors (resistive coils), mounted on grooved refractory ceramic bodies of top quality ceramic material (cordierite KER520 or higher) with an excellent degree of electrical insulation and satisfactory mechanic resistance.

The resistance wire coils that pass through the grooves of the ceramic spools are made of fine wires of steel alloys, resistant to high temperatures and designed to guarantee an optimum heat exchange towards the external tubular sheath and, indirectly, towards the fluid to be heated.

The internal core (known as thermal field) operates under particularly delicate conditions, with an internal temperature, especially with higher surface loads, close to 800°C.

For this reason, it is advisable to use this type of heaters with a low surface density of power (W/cm2), reducing the risk of excessive overheating.

Some uses

Whenever the heater is submerged horizontally, a minimum distance </= 150 mm must be maintained from the bottom of the host structure and other heaters.


The entire production cycle of our ceramic air heaters is subjected to the most rigorous dimensional checks and electrical tests in compliance with the regulations of our Company Quality System, certified ISO 9001: 2008 and in full compliance with the requirements of the current CEI/EN standards.


We manufacture every type of ceramic thermal field with size, power and finish according to customer specifications.

For standard versions, we have in stock a variety of models with standard technical features for immediate delivery.