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Mica drum heaters


The band resistance heaters for Mica, because of their multiple uses, electric heaters are made ​​of a thin sheet mica that isolates the internal circuit completely wire resistive nickel-chromium (Ni-Cr) from the inner surface of the diameter of the structure -metal armor of steel / stainless steel that protects the heater from accidental impact.

For this reason, this type of mica heating elements is well suited to many applications that require heating, on contact, no standards for operating temperatures above 280 ° C.

The coupling of various combinations of materials in the construction of this resistance enables them to achieve high performance in relation to the specific application and the operating temperatures required. In addition, the thin sheet of mica allow optimal heat transfer and, simultaneously, limiting the temperature reached the resistive wire, resulting in a lengthening of the useful operating life of the heater.

The quality of the raw materials used, as well as the experience and the extreme care with which we are assembled, make this type of electric heaters of proven efficiency and reliability.

Made of various diameters, the resistance heaters micanite perfectly envelop the diameter of the cylindrical surface to be heated, ensuring an effective radiant heating on the body to be heated, thanks to a good and a good heat exchange surface density (W/cm2).

This graph shows the energy saving of around 20% obtained when using a ceramic band heaters than with mica insulation. This result is the result of a laboratory test after 24 hours of continuous work.




The entire production cycle of resistance heaters Mica is subject to stricter controls dimensional and electrical tests in accordance with regulations of our Company Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2015 and in full compliance with the requirements of current standards IEC / EN.

The various operating temperatures require different combinations of type of interior insulation and outer shell, which we report, followed by some tips from our experience:

Operating temperature External armor Internal insulation Finish electrical contacts
100° C Iron anodized Micanite Cables / Pins / Terminal
200° C Iron anodized Micanite Cables / Pins / Terminal
300° C Iron anodized Micanite Cables / Pins / Terminal
400° C AISI 304 Ceramics/Micanite Pins / Terminal
500° C AISI 321 Ceramics Pins / Terminal
600° C AISI 321 MGO/Ceramics Pins / Terminal
700° C AISI 321 MgO Pins / Terminal

The combinations referred to above are those commonly used in various applications, the temperatures specific for each type.
Improper use of the heater with respect to the initial design release the manufacturer from any liability.


The construction of an electrical resistance heaters micanite requires knowledge of the technical data essential to the design:

TYPE OF EXECUTION (Electrical contacts and attachment / mounting system)

The electric resistance heaters Mica can be made ​​taking into account two different parameters:

Resistors Standard Catalog

This type of mica band heaters can be built to customer specifications is that in the standard version, which we have a warehouse ready for the type of power, voltage, sheath diameter and type of finish.