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Cartridge flanged resistors for immersion


Flange cartridge resistors are made for a variety of industrial applications in liquid heating.

Moreover, this type of immersion heater ensures optimum performance and efficiency in maintaining high volumes of fluid (water, industrial oils such as fuel oil and diathermic oil) in the temperature range.

The heating cartridge elements that make up the tube bundle can be straight or 90 degrees; This makes them easy to install even on the bottom of tanks or tanks, either horizontally or vertically, for direct or indirect heating of fluids for the most unlimited use in the major industrial sectors.

The use of high-quality materials within our production cycle allows the flared cartridge armored electric resistors to achieve high operating temperatures and a medium to long-term operating life.

Thanks to their compact design, it is possible to install a very high surface density (W / cm²), which allows them to reach very high operating temperatures thanks to the extreme proximity of the resistive wire spiral to the inner wall of the sheath which guarantees an immediate and optimal thermal exchange with the outside environment, which gives this type of flange cartridge resistor a more durable operating life than conventional armored heaters, as well as remarkable energy savings, excellent insulation at high temperatures, an excellent resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks and the possibility of direct control (version with internal thermocouple).


The flush-mounted cartridge heater consists of a stainless steel tube inside which a ceramic insulator is fitted to withstand temperature variations; inside it is inserted one or more U-bent U-shaped spirals in a Ni-Cr 80/20 resistive wire of a given section, able to guarantee optimum working conditions depending on the required power density. In turn, the spiral is immersed in powder of magnesium oxide (MGO) suitably compacted.

These heaters are powered by pure nickel-plated flexible cables insulated in PTFE and glass fibers; Moreover, they can be built in any power, diameter, length, power and voltage of 1 and more circuits, as well as with differentiated power.

They can be equipped with flange mounts of any type, DIN, ANSI, or any other standard, but also flanges of custom size on design. Also, with flexible, rigid, elbow protectors, etc.

They can also be built with built-in thermocouples (standard models in stock with thermocouple type J), ​​with special cable protections, 90 ° cable outputs and other non-standard finishing types on customer specifications.

Furthermore, they can also be constructed with cold sections at the ends or with differentiated power sections and with 2-3 separate power circuits; this finishing is especially used in the construction of flange cartridge electrical resistances over 500 mm long, with a power density <15 W / cm².

To ensure the design of an efficient electric processor fitted with a threaded plug or flange it is necessary to know the following technical parameters:

This type of cartridge heaters consists of a tube bundle formed by one or more electric heating elements of varying diameters having electrical contact perpendicular or with 90 degree power output, which is welded to TIG on threaded NPT, GAS , 1 “to 2” and 1/2 “flanges of different sizes according to UNI / DIN, ANSI, JSC standards, or unaligned flanges of variable dimensions according to customer specifications, depending on operating pressure and temperature of work.

The part of the electrical wiring is housed in standard polycarbonate, die cast aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel 304 and 316 stainless steel with IP40, IP55, IP65, IP67 certified dust resistance fluids.

The surface load (W / cm2) of these types of flame-retardant electrical resistors is appropriately determined, from time to time, depending on the conditions of use and the type of fluid to be heated; In addition to these factors, the maximum working temperature and working environment are also variable, which directly influences the choice of the type of sheath material with which to construct the tube bundle of these heaters (Stainless Steel AISI304, AISI 321, AISI 316L , Incoloy800, Inconel 600). Equipped with accurate thermoregulators (fixed thermostats with thermocouple and / or thermocouples “J” or “K”), suitable for protecting the heater from overheating and premature damage, have a ATEX electrical wiring heads with properly dimensioned power inputs (metric pitch ‘M’, conical ‘Gk’ or ‘NPT’) according to the customer’s specific needs, depending on the number of installed elements, as well as the power and amperage which determines the power cable section.

This special type of heaters is particularly suitable for all aeronautical and aerospace, military, and medical uses, as well as on molds and continuous cycle machines that have high plant shutdown costs.

Advantages in using high-density cartridge resistors:

  • Extensive useful life
  • Electrical and mechanical properties unchanged over time (excellent heat insulation and cold insulation maintained unchanged over time)
  • High operating temperatures
  • Excellent working ability in free air
  • Good performance even in the presence of working environments with high heat build up or under low dissipation conditions


These heaters are designed to be easily installed in pipes, tanks or tanks under pressure, immersed directly in contact with the fluid.

Among the most common applications, we find:

  • Hot water heating in large tanks and / or cylindrical boilers for industrial use and for heating hot water radiators in thermal power plants for both civil and commercial use (open or closed circuits)
  • Heating of liquid industrial process liquids inside tanks.
  • Fluid storage tanks in petrochemicals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Textile washing machines and plants, metals
  • Industrial boilers and heat treatment furnaces, thermal steam generating plants for power generation, plastics production, shipbuilding and aerospace industries
  • Water treatment and separation systems


The entire production cycle of flange cartridge resistors is subjected to the most rigid dimensional and electrical tests in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2008 certified quality system and in full compliance with the requirements of CEI / EN ( EN 60335-1 CE standards and, where required, PED97 / 9 / EC).