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On-cap ATEX heaters for immersion


The on-cap electric heaters (threaded fittingelectric heaters are made for different industrial applications envisaged for liquid substances heating.

In addition, this heaters typology grants high performances and efficiency in maintaining the temperature of fluids high volumes (water, industrial oils such as fuel oil or thermal oil, gas and air).

The heating elements composing the tube bundle can take up various shapes and folds making them suitable for easy installation also on the bottom of tanks or basins, in horizontal or vertical position, for the direct or indirect fluids heating destined to different uses, in the main industrial sectors.

The first quality materials use within our production cycle allows the flanged immersion electric resistors manufactured by us, to reach high operating temperatures with a medium-long term useful operative life.


Designed to be inserted in pipeworks, basins or tanks under pressure, directly immersed into contact with the fluid, this heaters typology grants an optimal heat exchange, also in very compact dimensions.
In order to grant the product design of a flanged efficient electric resistor for immersion, the following technical parameters must be established:


The entire production cycle of flanged industrial electric resistors is subject to the strictest dimensional checks and electric tests in compliance with the standards set forth by our own ISO 9001:2015 certified Corporate Quality System, and in full compliance with the CEI/EN requirements in force.



This heaters typology consists of a pipe bundle made by various heating electric elements of different diameter, generally folded in U or eyelet shape, perpendicular to the electric contacts outlet or folded at 90 degrees. Each element is TIG-welded or braze welded in silver alloy on DIN, ANSI unified flanges, or on flanged fittings of non-standard shape, of variable size, based on the operating pressure and temperature.


Classe Temp. ATEX  /  ATEX Temp. Class
‘T6′: 85°C | ‘T5′: 100°C | ‘T4′: 135°C | ‘T3′: 200°C | ‘T2′: 300 | ‘T1′: 450°C
Lungh. Z.N.  /  Cold zone Lg. A B A B A B A B A B A B
300 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X T2 X
250 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X T2 X
200 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X T3 X T2 X  
150 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X      
100 mm T6 X T4 X T3 X      
0 mm T6 X          
Temp. Lavoro /  Working Temp. 0°C 100°C 150°C 200°C 250°C 300°C

A = Classe Temp. / Temp. Class

B = Ex-proof head Temp.-proof allowance


(X)= Yes


()= Not

The electric connections section is located inside housings or standard carbon steel or stainless steel IP55/IP56 heads, or inside specific explosion-proof heads, suitable for use in explosive environment. Equipped with efficient thermoregulation devices (control thermostats with adjustable temperature scale, with automatic or manual reset or, alternatively, surface safety thermostats with intervention cut-out, thermoresistors PT100 and/or thermocouples “J” or “K”), suitable for heater protection from overheating and its possible premature damage. Inside the electric connections head, based on the customer specific exigences, the electric power inlets (NPT or GAS)are also properly dimensioned according to the number of elements installed, power and amperage determining the cables’ section.

These electric resistors types surface load (W/cm2) is specifically selected, from time to time, based on the use conditions and type of fluid to be heated; in addition to these factors, also the maximum operating temperature and environment are variables directly influencing the type of sheath material choice, these heaters will be manufactured (Carbon steel, stainless steel AISI304, AISI309, AISI 321, AISI 316L, Incoloy800-825, Inconel 600 or Titanium).